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On behalf of 78H, I would like to say WE really appreciate that we get to participate in the 2017 Green Learning National Youth Climate Engagement Project and at this point we are at the "I Wonder" stage!


Background Information about 78H:

78H is a Grade 7/8 class in London, Ontario and you will recognize us by our username 78H.

We are situated in a historic part of London, Ontario. We have joined to learn more about Climate Change.

Taps OFF!
Last year 78H started Taps OFF! a global awareness program that 1400 Canadian communities including 135 FNMI communities do not have safe drinking water - their taps are off! Safe drinking water should be an essential right for all Canadians confirmed Mr. Trudeau, the U.N., local leaders and others. Taps OFF! is still going! Initially we gained school support, TVDSB support, local community support from our City Hall, an Eco-school $ award, an runner-up award for the Edward Burtynsky contest, and national support from We presented our project to STEAM 2016 and hope to be presenting our new project with a Taps OFF! update at STEAM 2017. The year before our focus was Polar Bear Fever - the icecaps. In the past three years, our environmental inquiries have helped us learn about climate change for polar bears, safe drinking water, and now our focus is microplastics. From frozen water, to water coming into the system, and this year we are looking at water going out. I mention this to the class when we introduce the particle theory.

Natural Curiosity!
We add enrichment to our textbook learning, in-class experiments, and other school activities by creating partnerships with others who share our interests and natural curiosity about our environment. It really helps to get outside, to talk directly with the experts who know what is happening, who can advise what needs to be done and how to do it - to be involved while learning and sharing and building ideas that work. We are currently working directly with City Hall, London, Ontario for support and direction. We are teamed up through partnerships with local high schools, UWO and working on expanding to Fanshawe College. 78H likes project based learning, problem solving, environmental inquiry, and bringing the grade 7/8 curriculum to life and those are just a few reasons why we are excited to be a part of the 2017 Green Learning National Youth Climate Engagement Project. We feel that by getting the students outside to learn and bringing experts into the classroom to help develop deeper understanding and help the students learn more about the old adage - "think global, act local". Again, we really appreciate the chance to work with high school teachers.

More about 78H:
78H is 30 students, currently 12 on IEPs, two self-identified First Nation students, three very recent Syrian ESL students, a 50/50 boy/girl mix, seven grade sevens and 23 grade eights. The eights are just finishing high school registrations and they are talking a lot about high school!

Teacher Profile
Beyond teaching Homeroom Grade 78, I have a grade 8 and grade 10 student at home, I coach the school soccer team, participate as a member of our FNMI Ontario Ministry of Education Collaborative Inquiry Team - 4th Year, have a role on the FNMIEAO subject council, and my interest in the environment is partly fueled by my current interest in bass fishing! More to share.

Student Lead:
Really looking forward to introducing you to Sara, a very hard-working grade 8 student who is absolutely convinced that flushable wipes clog our pipes, that wipes are like bullies in the tubes, and she is joined by a very spirited mix of 78's who are working directly with Barry Orr, City of London, to develop new International Standards for wipes. 78H knows that wipes are the lead cause, along with fats, oils, grease, world wide for Fatbergs and clogs that cost millions worldwide to fix along with millions to repair the machines.

Message from the class:
78H wants to work with YOU and your classes.

Flushable Wipes 2017:
Join us and help us help Barry Orr and others who know that something needs to be done about wipes - now! Help us help our sewer treatment professionals who know that a lot of money is going in to cleaning out wipes and fixing machines wrecked by wipes. Google Fatberg and you'll be shocked about the $ cost. We want to work with the manufacturers and the city and the legislatures to create new advertising, a new logo, and new standards to keep wipes out of our pipes. Sara presented to the Council of Canadians - London Chapter, two weeks ago and has their support. She is writing an essay for our Lawson essay contest. She is joined by several other students.

Climate Change:
The rest of the class is ready to find out more about Green Learning. One topic close to our heart is maple syrup. Our class will be going on our annual maple syrup trip and again this year just before March Break and again we will be hosted by the McLachlan Family and their amazing Pancake House. 78H is ready to learn and share. Our environmental inquiry program is built on the TVDSB DRiVe Inquiry model, the LSF Connecting the Dots model, and lots of support from experts, school staff, and new folk like our new Green Learning group!

Thanks for including 78H , are looking forward to learning more about creating a sustainable future with you!


Scott Howe
Grade 78
Woodland Heights Public Elementary School

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