Reducing plastic waste in local schools

Environment   Apr 10, 2017 by Daniel Gidgarts

In our school we are trying to solve a big problem. The use of plastic bottles are rising and our landfills our growing, therefore we are trying to find a solution to reduce the plastic waste.

We need a solution because plastic waste is increasing at an alarming rate and it's causing many environmental issues. For example, some of the problems caused by plastic are interfering with wild life. Due to plastic waste ending up in ecosystems animal life get impacted juristically. Plastic bottles are ending up in the oceans which is harming more wild life and polluting the oceans while releasing toxic chemicals into our seas. Therefore, we need a solution to protect our oceans and  our ecosystems.

Together as a group we came to a conclusion and a solution as to how we can reduce plastic waste. Our first concept is to switch from plastic bottles to cans. It will cost a little more at first but it will be earn its cost in the long run. Our second solution is to put a machine by the brand Tomra in every school in our school division. This vending machine is designed to recycle bottles to limit and reduce the waste of plastic and encourages the action of recycling. The whole idea is to spend a sur charge for the drink and when you return or recycle the bottle you get the amount of money that you spent on the sur charge back. Our last solution is for people at home. Instead of buying plastic bottles you can buy a filter, like Brita that filters your tap water so you do not need the use of plastic water bottles.

While spending a lot of time discussing the different solutions we have came to a conclusion of how we can limit the production of plastic waste. The solution that we chose is to convert from plastic bottles to aluminum cans. It is the cheapest solution out of all the three and one of the most effective one. We hope you like our idea and what were trying to achieve, if you have any questions or comments feel free leave it below. Thank you.

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Apr 24, 2017

How can you continue to ensure that your school will continue using cans even after you leave the school?